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Mobile Threats / VC Investments / Chicago's Tech Hub / Tax Pros & Cyber Security. Fall 2016

Tech Secure

Can Your Fitbit Take Down Your Business?

In today’s fast-changing cybersecurity world, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Virtually any object with access to the Internet is potentially vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated forms of IT attacks. “Fitbits, Apple watches, insulin pumps, cars—even your refrigerator can access the Internet, and so can your front door,” says Lillian Ablon of the RAND Corporation. Malware attacks on mobile devices, often through spoofed texts that look legitimate, are also expected to rise. This all points to the need for education, vigilance and planning to keep IT systems safe, says John Pouey, a veteran of financial IT security. “For the attackers, this is, essentially, a business,” he says.
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Terrorism-related accounts suspended
by social media network twitter. [Twitter]


VCs Love Tech Investments

Q2 2016 marked the tenth consecutive quarter of more than $10B in VC investments. The software industry was top of the list of targets, receiving $8.7B across 379 deals, including six megadeals in excess of $100M. Software has held the top spot for dollars invested among all MoneyTree industries for 27 straight quarters. Biotechnology came in second, receiving $1.7B into 100 deals, while IT service companies received the third largest amount of venture capital for the quarter—$946M deployed across 80 deals. Computer and Peripherals companies saw the largest increase in dollars versus the first quarter (172 percent), while 251 Internet-specific companies saw VCs invest $2.6B in the second quarter.


Sweet Home Chicago

Silicon Valley may still be the capitol of the tech universe, but it turns out that Chicago treats its techies pretty well. According to a recent report issued by Indeed, when cost-of-living differences are figured in, Chicago tech workers earn the fourth-highest average wages in the country, trailing only Austin, Seattle and San Francisco. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other officials have been upping their game when it comes to courting tech companies and startups as they look to bring new, high-earning jobs into the city.

Tax Pros Under Cyber Attack

The IRS recently alerted tax pros to an emerging phishing scam—emails claiming to be from tax software providers that contain requests to download and install an important software update. However, the bogus link loads a program designed to track keystrokes—a common tactic used to steal login information, passwords and other sensitive data. The IRS has launched the “Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself” campaign to raise awareness of these and other security threats, and also suggests registering for e-News for Tax Professionals. Additionally, tax pros can follow the IRS on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Visit the IRS website for further information.