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"Sometimes, the best part of my job is that my chair swivels." (anonymous)



HOW TO: Throw an Ice-Cream Social

It doesn’t have to be a mess. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But a sweet summer treat does have to be fun. Here’s how to throw an adult ice-cream party every employee will love, courtesy of Sam Mason, owner of Oddfellows Ice Cream Co., and The Wall Street Journal.

1.    Offer four varieties of ice-cream—vanilla as the staple, a chocolate option, a wild card, and at least one non-dairy option, like a sorbet.
2.     Use cardboard cups to make clean-up easy.
3.    Shoot for a buffet so guests can create their custom sundaes on the fly.
4.    Keep the ice-cream cold using dry ice or salted ice on the table.
5.     Don’t skimp on the toppings—rainbow sprinkles and chocolate pearls, granola, hot fudge and chocolate sauce, caramels, fresh fruit, etc. Also try some adult toppings, like brandied cherries or whiskey whipped cream.
6.  Set out a blender and maybe even some spirits if this is an all-out, happy-hour style social.

$119, 570
Income needed to live comfortably in San Francisco
compared to $68,782 in Chicago. [GoBankingRates] 


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Make Flexibility Work

Work/life balance and schedule flexibility are hot topics in today’s accounting world. Some employers offer it, some waffle on it, and others just don’t have a clue. Offering flexibility doesn’t have to be complicated, however. Isaac O’Bannon, managing editor of CPA Practice Advisor, offers up these three simple rules to make a flexible work schedule work for all:
RULE #1: Get the job done.
RULE #2: Be damn good at your job, consistently.
RULE #3: Be responsive to your boss, your clients and anyone else you do business with or for, so that it’s just like you’ve been in the office all day. 

Billionaires who live in New York City,
more than any other city in the world.


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TRENDWATCH: Green Tech Grows Your Greenbacks

Reducing your carbon footprint might not be your top priority, but it can actually save money for you and your business—and improve your workplace culture. CNBC offers these four ways to make it happen.
1. See better:
The Department of Energy says widespread LED use could save the U.S. more than $30B by 2027.
2. Stay home:
According to Global Workplace Analytics, the average real estate savings for a full-time teleworker is roughly $10K per employee per year.
3. Conserve more:
Water- and energy-efficient appliances can save about $300 annually for a small office. Even fixing a leaky faucet or toilet can save up to 90 gallons of water a month.
4. Go paperless:
Businesses like Lockheed Martin and General Electric are saving $250K to $10B by digitizing paper manuals and processes.

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This Career Center’s For You!

On the hunt for a new gig? Looking to land top talent? ICPAS has launched an all new Career Center that offers job seekers and employers more resources than ever. New job search features include the ability to create a free professional profile and portfolio highlighting your top-notch talents, automatic email notifications of new jobs that match your career criteria, and the option to save jobs listings to apply for or revisit later. For employers, the service offers unrestricted access to the ICPAS job board, meaning job listings are seen by not only ICPAS members, but also anyone who visits the site. We’ve also simplified the prospecting process by launching a resume search tool that notifies you when a candidate has your most needed skills. What’s more, our new job listing management platform makes it easy to create job posts, check their status and add upgraded features to attract more views.
Visit the Career Center today for more info.

6 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work For You

Just because you create a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean you’ll automatically attract hundreds or thousands of connections and clients right away. But with a little work, and these 6 tips from Brilliant, you’ll be on the right track.

1. Add a picture
Profiles with a photo receive 14 times more views, so be sure to use a professional photo (no selfies or family snapshots). Headshots, i.e. shoulders and up, with a simple background are best. And don’t forget to smile.
2. Customize your URL
LinkedIn allows you to make your own URL when editing your profile. Don’t overlook this feature. A customized URL with your first and last name makes it easy to use on your business cards, in email signatures, on your resume, in search engines, and more.
3. Be searchable
First, include strong keywords in your title, summary and job experience sections. Next, complete your skills section (you can list up to 50). Last, make sure your job listings link to the business’ page to increase your visibility with current and past employees.
4. Join groups
There’s a LinkedIn group for nearly everything. Find the groups that most closely align with your professional goals and join them. Then connect with group members, share articles and comment on posts to increase your visibility.
5. Connect with others
This is what LinkedIn is all about. Adding connections increases the likelihood that your profile will be seen by individuals looking to connect with you or hire you.
6. Stay active
Write or share relevant articles, make new connections, share job opportunities with your network, and comment on posts and discussions.