IDFPR Email Renewal Notice—Time is running out to renew as Illinois Certified Public Accountants' licenses and registrations will expire on September 30, 2018. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has previously sent out email renewal notices to all CPAs with a renewal PIN and a link to an online website where you can renew your CPA license and/or registration. 

Your renewal email notice from IDFPR came from the email address [email protected] You should not ignore the FPR email as you will not receive a yellow post card renewal notice as in the past. You can also renew without the renewal PIN by using either your SSN or birthdate via their website. If you are uncertain if IDFPR has a current email address, check your info on their website

Fees & CPE Requirements—Licensed CPAs will pay a renewal fee of $120 and must have completed 120 hours of continuing education. Licensed CPAs renewing for the first time must renew and pay fees but are exempt from CPE requirements. Registered CPAs will pay a renewal fee of $90 and are exempt from CPE requirements for every renewal. 

See ICPAS CPE Guide & IDFPR Electronic Payment Methods

If you have both a CPA license and a registration and wish to maintain both credentials, you will need to renew both the CPA license and the registration separately. 

Peer Review Requirements—CPA firms and sole practitioners who perform audits and/or reviews of historical financial statements and/or examinations of prospective financial statements must undergo a peer review prior to renewal every three years as a condition for license renewal. For more info, visit the ICPAS Peer Review webpage.

Renew before September 30th—You must renew your license before September 30th to be in good standing and to be able to use the CPA credential.  After September 30th, you will not be able to renew your license online. You will have to submit a paper application and, submit documentation for your 120 hours of continuing professional education. You may wish to access the licensing section of our website for more information. 

ICPAS Takeaways

  1. Ensure all information on file with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is accurate. 
  2. Do not ignore your renewal email from [email protected]
  3. Ensure all continuing education requirements are completed. 
  4. Renew early and on time. 
  5. Late renewals are not retroactively corrected.