December 15, 2021


This message is directed to CPAs who have not renewed their Illinois CPA license or registration. We are acutely sensitive to those who have attempted to renew but encountered technical difficulties. We encourage you to continue calling the DPR toll-free line at 800.560.6420 or contacting them at requesting technical assistance.


Previous license renewal updates have provided information on the Illinois CPA license renewal process with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and issues impacting the renewal process due to IT upgrades. The Director of the Division of Professional Regulation issued a variance extending the expiration of CPA licenses and registrations from September 30th to December 31st.

The purpose of this Regulatory Update is to remind you that the CPA license and registration renewal window closes on December 31st. If you have not already renewed your license and/or registration, you absolutely should begin that process immediately. Sporadic technical issues have prevented some CPAs from successfully renewing their licenses and registrations requiring technical assistance from Department of Professional Regulation staff. If you have not completed the renewal process, do not procrastinate as time is short and your ability to accomplish this process is diminishing.

Also, as a reminder, governmental offices and the Illinois CPA Society will be closed in observance of the holiday season thereby limiting your ability to call and get the help you may need to perfect the renewal.

CPA(inactive) STATUS
For those CPAs who have decided not to renew their CPA license or registration, there is an option for you to use the designation CPA(inactive) provided you specifically request the Division of Professional Regulation place your license in inactive status. There are limitations where you can use this title, primarily for volunteer for non-profits or when not performing accountancy activities outlined in section 8.05 of the Illinois Public Accounting Act.

If you wish to request DPR place your CPA license or registration in inactive status, you can access the formal request here. CRITICAL LEGAL WARNING: Carefully review the Legal Authorities CPA(inactive) document that includes specific provisions of sections 17.2 (inactive status), section 8.05 (accountancy activities) and section 1420.85 of the Illinois Administrative Code.


• For those CPAs who have not renewed their license or registrations, do so immediately to avoid the December 31, 2021 expiration of your existing license/registration.
• There are unanticipated technical issues with the online renewal process that may require technical assistance from DPR staff. The holidays present an even more limited window of the availability of DPR staff to assist you with technical issues.
• CPAs who have chosen not to renew their license or registrations may consider formally requesting to be placed in inactive status that would authorize the use of CPA(inactive) in limited instances.
• ICPAS DOES NOT OWN OR CONTROL THE LICENSE RENEWAL PROCESS.   Our lines of effort have been to identify issues for DPR and provide ICPAS members with timely renewal information.