January 13, 2022

Firm License Renewals-IDFPR Website Reflecting 2024 Expiration
CPA Firm License Renewals—The Government Relations Office has been in discussions with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation regarding the IDFPR website not reflecting a 2024 expiration date after the online firm license renewal has been accomplished.  We have heard from a number of firms that they completed the online renewal process, uploaded the firm supplemental renewal form of partners roster and paid their renewal fee; and the IDFPR website does not reflect their renewal and a 2024 expiration.

In order for the renewal process to be perfected and for the website to reflect the firm’s 2024 expiration, IDFPR has to manually review the paper supplemental renewal form and make any additions or subtractions within the IDFPR database. ICPAS Government Relations has expressed our concern over the necessity of accurate reporting on the IDFPR website of firm renewals and the reflection of a 2024 expiration.  We have also identified the ramifications on firms if this data is not correct and up-to-date.  IDFPR is working to address those concerns and expedite this paper verification process to perfect firm renewals. 

If you need help with your renewal, contact IDFPR via email at [email protected] It is strongly recommended that you use this email address for a call back versus contacting the IDFPR Hotline. If you have not started the renewal process, you should begin that process now to avoid any delay in successfully renewing, particularly in light of the technical difficulties that have been encountered with the conversion to the new online renewal portal.  Individual and firm CPA licenses expire on 1/31/22, and after that time the online renewal portal will close.