September 23, 2021

The purpose of this message is to provide updated information to members of the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) on the State of Illinois CPA license renewal process. As previously communicated, the 2021 renewal process differs from previous renewals due to IT migration and upgrades.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) renewal portal for Illinois licensed and registered CPAs is open.

  • CPAs and other professions and occupations in renewal status have encountered technical difficulties with the new renewal processes.  These difficulties have ranged from accessing the renewal portal and establishing an account to completing the renewal process.
  • The ICPAS Government Relations Office has communicated these ongoing technical issues with the renewal portal to IDFPR senior staff for resolution.
  • NEW! Continuing Professional Education must be completed prior to license renewal and can be earned after September 30th.
  • CLARIFYING NOTE:  CPE extension beyond September 30th was not included in the Director’s license extension variance issued on August 31st.  At the September 22, 2021 Public Accountant Registration and Licensure Committee Meeting, it was announced that CPE can be completed after September 30th but must be completed before license renewal.  Licensed CPAs will be able to count CPE earned after September 30th towards the 2021 license renewal or for the 2024 license renewal but not for both.
  • You are not alone if you are encountering technical issues with accessing the license renewal portal or completing the renewal process.
  • Licensed and Registered CPAs are not the only professions in renewal and experiencing technical issues associated with the renewal portal.
  • Be patient and courteous so that technical issues can be addressed.
  • ICPAS does not own or control the license renewal portal or process.  Our lines of effort have been to identify renewal issues for IDFPR and provide ICPAS members with timely renewal information.
  • ICPAS Government Relations cannot provide a “backdoor” to IDFPR staff to complete your license or registration renewal.  Everyone is similarly situated, and the technical issues are being worked on in order for everyone to get renewed prior to the extended license/registration expiration.
  • We are closely monitoring and will continue to keep you updated on developments as they occur.