March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Government Relations Daily Summary


                                         -ICPAS ADVOCACY EFFORTS SUCCESSFUL-  

This afternoon, Governor JB Pritzker announced that the Illinois Department of Revenue would follow the Internal Revenue Service in extending state tax return filings and payments until July 15th.  This announcement was made during Governor Pritzker’s daily COVID-19 Press Conference.

As reported in yesterday’s ICPAS Government Relations COVID-19 Daily Summary, ICPAS has been in ongoing discussions with the Governor’s staff and the Director of Revenue with regards to the legal interpretation of the Illinois Income Tax Act and section 100.6000 of the Illinois Administrative Code, the tax policy implications and, the importance of alignment with the federal extension of filing and payments.

The Illinois CPA Society would like to extend our appreciation to Governor Pritzker and Director Harris for this decision that benefits taxpayers and tax preparers.  Along with our advocacy to extend state filings and payments, we have also encouraged IDOR to provide formal guidance on these extensions.  See IDOR COVID-19 Information for Illinois Taxpayers website for further information and guidance.

PRACTICE POINTER-While recognizing every client’s circumstances are different, it is recommended that state tax returns be filed electronically and that if the taxpayer is owed a refund that it be requested to be disbursed electronically.  Like other state government agencies, the Illinois Comptroller is operating with reduced staff and most likely there will be a delay in processing paper refund checks.

See AICPA State Filing Guidance for Coronavirus Pandemic here.   NOTE:  Does not reflect today’s announcement and Illinois’ extended filing and payment date.

We will continue to keep you updated on developments through the COVID-19 Government Relations Daily Summary.  You may access our Digital Library of Daily Summaries for further information.