April 28, 2016

URGENT: Your help is needed in urging your state senator to vote against legislation on the disclosure of confidential taxpayer information to 3rd party vendors.

TAKE ACTION: Call your state senator’s Springfield Office TODAY and oppose (SB 2933) which would require the Illinois Department of Revenue to disclose confidential taxpayer information to 3rd party vendors.  There is significant urgency with this request as the senate is scheduled to vote on SB 2933 early next week.  Locate your Legislator  / Illinois State Senate Roster  

BACKGROUND: The Illinois State Senate will be voting on SB 2933 that will allow your local governments to give confidential tax information to a for-profit third party company.  That company works on a contingency fee basis.  Since this legislation does not include IDOR’s strict confidentiality protections of taxpayer information, this information could also be used for other purposes such as data mining, marketing etc.  (See SB 2933 Fact Sheet)  Aside from bad tax policy of sharing of confidential information with 3rd party vendors, the profession also opposes contingency fee audits.  See also Contingency Fee Audit Fact Sheet

ICPAS TAKE-AWAY: It is important that your state senator hear from you as a CPA and constituent.  The message is simple:  “I am a constituent and a CPA calling to ask Senator (name) to protect private taxpayer financial information and vote “NO” on SB 2933.” 

Please email [email protected] or call the society’s Government Relations Office at 800-572-9870, if you have questions or feedback.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  

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