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The Illinois CPA Society values its relationship with high school and college educators. Together we can provide support to those eager to enter the accounting profession and continue its tradition of excellence. Generations entering the workforce ahead are bright, hard working and eager to make a difference. What more could we ask for?

Take advantage of the Illinois CPA Society as a resource for providing information and materials to your students and for acting as a liaison between academia and industry. It’s up to all of us to work together to recruit the best and brightest. If you are interested in joining the Illinois CPA Society as a academic affiliate, read more about our  member benefits. 

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The Illinois CPA Society is happy to provide you with resources to promote the accounting profession. Please complete the form below and indicate the quantity of each resource you would like in the space provided.

Non-CPA students can join ICPAS for free! Benefits include resources to help obtain a job/internship, pass the CPA Exam and become a successful accounting professional.
Everything an individual needs to know to sit for the CPA Exam in Illinois.
Series of posters to promote the CPA credential.
Posters and fliers to promote ICPAS scholarship opportunities.
Robert Half International accounting and finance salary information.
Assortment of pens, post-it notes, playing cards and other small giveaways.
The AICPA's magazine targeting high school students.
Please check all that apply: