The Flow-through Entities Tax section is a compilation of alerts and articles written by members of the ICPAS Flow-through Entities Tax Committee; as well as links to websites and other resources of interest to the flow-through entities tax community. Follow the links below for more information on these topics.

Flow-through Entities Committee Articles

  • Role of the Partnership Representation Under the Centralized Audit Rules

  • Partnership Centralized Audit Rules

  • Employment Tax Treat of Partners in a Partnership That Owns a Disregarded Entity

  • Final Regs. on Excluding Discharged Debt From Income

  • S Corporation’s payments of sole shareholder/employee’s personal expenses were not compensation

  • Income Earned by S Corp After Bankruptcy Commencement Taxable to Bankruptcy Estate

  • S Corporation Can’t Avoid Income Properly Reportable in Closed Tax Year

  • Nonrecourse Carve-out Guarantees Don’t Increase Basis & At-risk Amounts

  • New IRC Section 385 Regulations

  • Connecticut Legislature Passes Changes to Apportionment and Sourcing Methodologies Impacting Pass-through Entities

  • Partnership Allocations of Creditable Foreign Taxes

  • S Corporation Shareholder Bases Reduced by Nondeductible, Noncapital Expenses

  • What Does It Mean for the QSub When the Parent's S Status Has Been Revoked?

  • Partnership Technical Termination

  • Final Regulations in Determining Partner's Distributive Share When Interests Change During the Year

  • Bankruptcy for Purposes of Debt Discharge Income Exclusion

  • Recourse Debt for Partner Basis Rules May be Nonrecourse for Sale or Exchange Purpose

  • Structuring Around the One Hundred Shareholders Limit in an S Coporation