The State & Local Tax section is a compilation of alerts and articles written by members of the ICPAS State & Local Tax Committee as well as links to websites and other resources of interest to the state & local tax community. Follow the links below for more information on these topics.

State & Local Committee Tax Articles

  • New Tax Credit Scholarships Offer Income Tax Credits for Educational Donations +

  • Cook County Non-Titles Personal Property Use Tax Refund Procedures +

  • Illinois' New Budget & Tax Hike +

  • Illinois Proposes Draft Regulation on Reasonable Compensation Deduction +

  • State Tax Consequences of Telecommuting +

  • Manufacturer's Purchase Credit Sunset +

  • Maryland v. Wynne: Sammy Sosa's Revenge +

  • Amnesty Programs for Some States Announced +

  • Don't Forget the Salt +

  • Illinois Proposes Regulations to Clarify the Reasonable Compensation Deduction +