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Are you in the market to buy, sell or merge a firm?
The Illinois CPA Society can help. Send the details of your opportunity to Michele Haryasz . We will post it on this page and feature opportunities in future issues of Practice Advantage.


My name is Michael Reeder and I am one of the owners of Swartz & Reeder, Ltd., Certified Public Accountants.  Our practice specializes in small businesses and individuals.  Our main sources of revenue are income tax preparation for both individuals and businesses.  In addition, we provide bookkeeping services, payroll services, incorporation services, and consulting.

We are interested in buying tax and accounting practices in the greater metropolitan Chicagoland area that are generating anywhere between $85,000 and $500,000 via the same revenue streams mentioned above.  We truly believe our practice is an excellent one for seller's to work with as part of their exit strategy, as we will do everything we can in order to agree upon a deal that is mutually beneficial for both sides, retain as many of the seller's employees as possible, retain as many of the seller's clients as possible, do everything we can to operate out of the same location the seller already has in place, etc.  We understand that in order to have a strong client retention rate, we have to make the transition as seamless as possible, and that is only achieved if all the aforementioned items take place, or at least a strong effort is made for them to take place.

If your practice fits the description mentioned herein, please contact me on my office phone at 847-241-5800 ex 2, or on my cell phone at 847-302-3397, or via email at michaelreeder@swartzreeder.com.  I look forward to hearing from you! (Posted 05.26.15)


Practice for sale in Pontiac Illinois - Consists of tax, bookkeeping, and payroll services with annual gross collections of $160k. Additional audit clients could be part of a package if desired. Lease or buy the current office building. Contact me at rwp6505@aol.com (Posted 02.29.16)

North Shore Suburban CPA, seeking to reduce his current workload, is selling some of his accounts. The accounts for sale gross between $50,000 and $65,000. The practice consists of small business and individual tax returns. Inquires may be sent to Msiegelcpa@gmail.com  (Posted 09.22.15)


No merge offers at this time.