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Financial Reporting Symposium

Shield the Burden
Date: October 17, 2017
Location: Café LaCave, Des Plaines, IL
Address: 2777 Mannheim Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60018

Featuring new “Fire-Side Chat” sessions with leading experts 

The new Revenue Recognition Standards are here – and they come with a host of expensive compliance obligations.

Staying compliant doesn’t have to be break the bank. Hear from leading experts who will share proven strategies to protect your company from these pricey burdens.

Plus, hear how other regulatory changes will impact your business in the coming year including:

  • PCAOB Inspection Report Findings
  • ICFR Design and Implementation
  • FASB, SEC and PCAOB Current Projects
  • Risk Assessment Enhancements
  • Corporate Tax Planning 


Revenue Recognition: Managing the Costs of the Biggest Standard Change in History

The moment we’ve been dreading is here. The new Revenue Recognition standards are now in effect and more will kick in next year. Obtain proven advice for what  to do to protect your organization from the pricey compliance burdens as well as discuss documentation and audit testing issues. 

PCAOB Inspection Report: The Silver Lining for You (Yes, There is One)

The PCAOB inspection report is never a time to pop champagne as it continues to find high levels of deficiencies. However, there are some useful lessons from the report which could help companies rethink audit strategies and behaviors, and even result in significant cost savings.

Getting Your Company’s ICFR in Sync with the New Revenue Recognition Standards

The SEC has made it clear that a company’s ability to successfully transition to the new revenue recognition standard will depend upon its design and operation of internal control over financial reporting (ICFR). Hear about the risks you face and what you can do to catch-up?

Luncheon Keynote: Inside the SEC, PCAOB and FASB: How Their Agendas Will Impact Your Compliance Strategies

Hear about hot issues being discussed inside FASB, the SEC, and the PCAOB from the industry’s top journalist who covers all three. Get a behind the scenes look at the latest projects, pronouncements and developments and learn how they will impact your compliance approaches--for better or worse.

Removing Financial Reporting Inaccuracies with Risk Assessments

Why do so many companies fail to see risks in their financial statements that seem so obvious in hindsight?   Explore the common pitfalls and receive actionable advice to improve the quality and usefulness of your risk assessments. 

Update on the Latest FASB Projects and How to Apply Them

Go in-depth on the latest FASB updates and discuss practical insights on applying those changes in your company’s financial statement preparations. Discuss recently issued exposure drafts and other formal projects, accounting updates with upcoming effective dates, and simplification projects.

Corporate Tax Planning in a Time of Fogginess

Corporate tax reform is here--or is it? With so much uncertainty, it makes it hard to develop a business tax plan for 2017 and beyond.  Cut through the fog and discuss “what if” scenarios that effect the various White House and congressional proposals could have on business tax obligations.

Develop an Action Plan for Cost-Effective Financial Reporting

Put your learning into action with this highly interactive closing session.  Capture the Symposium’s key takeaways and develop your personal game plan for reducing the costs associated with financial reporting compliance.