Location: Virtual Webinar
CPE per course: 8 hours
Cost per course: $129 


This course is offered in conjunction with our partners at the Indiana CPA Society and registration takes place on their website. 


Effective leadership skills are critical to helping you succeed in your career. Yet only 4% of CPA managers rank themselves highly in leadership skills. It's time to take charge of your career! This unique online academy provides the essential skills needed to become that sought-after leader your company is striving for. 

This is NOT your typical webinar!
  • Delivered in a bite-sized, game-like and mobile friendly environment that fits YOUR schedule
  • Available in short modules - take the courses for 15 minutes at a time or spend the day with them
  • Served as videos, storytelling, case studies, podcasts and interactive learning
  • Social learning to connect with other professionals and learn from their experiences 

Strategic Leadership Academy Class Curriculum

  • Networking and Collaboration +

  • Decision Making +

  • Communication +

  • Entrepreneurship +

  • Critical Thinking +

  • Leadership +