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knowledgehub is the training solution your company needs.

What's the challenge? 

Most employers would tell you that training and developing staff is critical to their organization, both in making sure that work gets done correctly and in retaining top talent. Yet most CFOs and Controllers are buried in their everyday responsibilities, and developing their staff never gets the attention it deserves. Further, cutting through the clutter of all the programs out there and finding cost effective solutions only adds to the challenge.

What's the solution? 

The Illinois CPA Society has developed a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), knowledgehub, which provides companies with a new and innovative way to effectively train your staff. Knowledgehub is a comprehensive, interactive online platform that gives you access to rich content, provides development plans for your staff and, if needed, tracks compliance with CPE requirements.

What makes knowledgehub different from other LMS products?

Knowledgehub brings together educational offerings from four vendors, providing you with an extensive catalog of high-quality programs in one central place. Programs from the Illinois CPA Society, Becker Professional Education, SmartPros/Financial Management Network and Western CPE include live events and on-demand offerings – all designed to provide you and your staff with a superior learning experience.

In one easy-to-navigate site, you can access more than 500 educational offerings. This extensive library of programs is organized in a unique way that aligns with your company's job functions – you can browse by functional areas such as “budgeting and forecasting”, “financial reporting" or “cost management”, filter by staff level or search for a specific topic.

One of the biggest benefits of using an LMS is the ability to easily monitor and guide the development of your staff. Knowledgehub comes with professional development plans that can be used as is, or customized to meet your specific needs then easily assigned to current and future staff. Supervisors can also assign particular courses to their team members as well as track their overall activity and results.

Knowledgehub fits in any training budget with an annual access fee of only $25 per person. The optional Compliance module can be added for $20 per person. Programs are purchased individually and your costs can be controlled by setting an annual spending cap per user that’s tracked within Knowledgehub.


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