CPE: 10.0 hours
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Receive a foundational understanding of the need of transformational assets within an organization and hear about the importance of intelligent data management and corresponding analytics practice.

Discuss the different job roles involved in the analytics practice and the most commonly encountered technologies in today's data ecosystem. Review concepts behind the most common types of data you will need to be prepared to analyze, as well as explore the factors impacting data practice. Learn why intelligent data management and a corresponding analytics practice is critical for the success of both the organization and the professional.

Data Analysis Fundamentals Courses Include:

  • Disruption +

  • Business Analysis Principles +

  • Data Driven Decision Making +

  • Ecosystem - Relational Databases +

  • Ecosystem - Not Only SQL +

  • Ecosystem - Big Data +

  • Ecosystem - Statistical Tools, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization +

  • Data Lifecycle Management +

  • Requirements Gathering +