CPE: 30 hours
 $699 Members | $879 Non-Members
Delivery Method: On-demand

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Earn a micro-credential and advance your knowledge of the Not-for-Profit field.

Demonstrate your leadership in the not-for-profit (NFP) field with hands-on application and strategy training.  Learn how to apply core concepts in NFP accounting and financial reporting, governance, assurance, and tax compliance.

Understand how to successfully prepare not-for-profit financial statements in accordance with GAAP, including implementation of the most current FASB Accounting Standards likely to be effective for most nonprofits’ next financial reporting periods.

Plus, receive supplementary information regarding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and how it affects NFPs.

Not-for-Profit Advanced Certificate - Financial Reporting Track

  • Statement of Financial Position +

  • Statement of Activities +

  • Statement of Cash Flows +

  • Statement of Functional Expenses +

  • Financial Statement Note Disclosures +

  • Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements +

  • Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements +

Not-for-Profit Advanced Certificate - Governance and Assurance Track

  • Aligning Mission and Strategy +

  • Budgeting Considerations for Not-for-Profits +

  • Ethical Issues in Not-for-Profits +

  • Performance Measurement for Not-for-Profits +

  • Applying the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework +

  • Risk Assessment +

Not-for-Profit Advanced Certificate - Tax Compliance Track

  • Form 990 Preparation - Schedules +

  • Form 990 Preparation - Core Form +

  • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Case Studies +

  • Maintaining Tax Exemption +