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Earn a micro-credential and advance your knowledge of Data Analysis Fundamentals

Having a fundamental understanding of data analysis techniques is critical to helping an organization make informed, data driven business decisions.

  • Hear about the importance of intelligent data management and corresponding analytics practice.
  • Discuss the different job roles involved in the analytics practice and the most commonly encountered technologies in today's data ecosystem.
  • Review concepts behind the most common types of data you will need to be prepared to analyze, as well as explore the factors impacting data practice.
  • Learn why intelligent data management and a corresponding analytics practice is critical for the success of both the organization and the professional.

Data Analysis Fundamentals Courses Include:

  • Disruption +

  • Business Analysis Principles +

  • Data Driven Decision Making +

  • Ecosystem - Relational Databases +

  • Ecosystem - Not Only SQL +

  • Ecosystem - Big Data +

  • Ecosystem - Statistical Tools, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization +

  • Data Lifecycle Management +

  • Requirements Gathering +