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You give it everything you have, but you still can’t get the results that you want. Values and the rules you thought were iron clad are all changing. New technology, increasing speed, extremely more diverse workplaces and a lack of security add to the uncertainty. Hard to know what is the answer. But we all need that extra edge, that something that will differentiate us in the marketplace or we get left behind.

There is one secret that can change everything in today’s modern workplace, Emotional Intelligence. Understanding EI will help you become the successful professional you have always wanted to be, your way, authentically integrated in a way that fits your personality and style, grounded in your own power with less stress.

Learn to treat others the way they want to be treated, while holding others accountable and being accountable yourself. EI skills will help you learn to be more resilient, adaptable and success oriented.

Through your active participation, you will learn and practice the EI skills that are core to achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress, building resilience and collaboration. Empathy as well as resilience are essential to becoming better modern professional.

 In this one-day class you will have the opportunity to assess your Emotional Intelligence, understand what EI is and create your own individual action plan to grow the quality and depth of workplace relationships. This interactive workshop will focus on the practical and usable aspects of Emotional Intelligence that can be used immediately.

Some EQ Facts:

• 34% of hiring managers place greater emphasis on EI vs. IQ

• Promotional candidates with higher EI beat high IQ candidates

• 58% of performance on the job is due to things like self-awareness, managing one’s emotions and building effective working relationships

• Increased EI accounted for more productivity

• For leadership positions EI accounts for 80% of job performance

• Most important, EI can be increased unlike IQ

• Increasing emotional intelligence can help improve performance

• To avoid and better manage conflict

This workshop will be a value to:

• All levels of leadership including senior management, managers and supervisors by developing a better understanding of themselves and their teams as it relates to relationships and motivation

• All employees to increase their personal productivity, effectiveness, creativity and relationships

How You Will Benefit:

• Understand EI and develop better relationships through application of principles

• Learn how to give and receive feedback in an emotionally intelligent way to create better results

• Make better decisions for yourself and the team

• Increase personal influence and power to inspire

• Understand ourselves and others to make quantum leaps in productivity

• Faster and clearer thinking

• Learn how to pick up on emotional data to create better solutions

• Integrate the power of curiosity, empathy and vulnerability in building better relationships

• Identify how each of us is unique and use that as a directional tool in communicating

• Learn why neuroplasticity and continuous growth is so important to the modern day professional

• Techniques to use to motivate oneself

• Managing your reactions to your emotions