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In today’s tumultuous business environment, organizations face critical challenges driven by continuous change, new and advancing technology, fierce competition and the need to develop and provide customer- focused solutions efficiently, quickly and with ever increasing quality. The organizations that manage to succeed, and thrive, in this environment are those that understand and support the key skills and behaviors that allow for rapid change, innovation, customer-focused quality and high levels of employee involvement, participation, and ownership.

The Challenge

Most organizations “talk” of using the collective skill and competence of all employees. They crave employee involvement, participation and ownership. However, they practice, reward and reinforce the learned, more comfortable skills of traditional hierarchical structures. This fundamental “skills gap” can result in a lack of direction and trust, ineffective communication, poor decision-making, on-going conflict, low morale and excessive employee turnover. This result will directly undermine the company’s ability to compete successfully in a fiercely competitive global economy.

Competitive Skills Assessment

Fortunately, there are defined, observable, and measurable skills and behaviors that drive fast-changing, innovative and customer-focused companies. To assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in these critical competencies, carefully and with candor, analyze the statements listed below to determine your competitive position.

Who should attend this workshop:

• All Levels of Senior Leadership, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads.

• Any Employee Who Would Like to Learn How to become a more effective team member and contributor.