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When you boil down all the issues, conflicts and challenges in the workplace, most could be solved or avoided through effective communication. When you look at all the opportunities that arise to increase visibility, reach goals, obtain promotions, and secure a strong career path, most could be more easily won through powerful communication.

We all know the power of great communication and yet rarely have the opportunity to dedicate a day to honing our skills, learning new techniques and practicing new approaches to persistent problems. Core Communication Skills, The Carroll-Keller Group’s latest training offering explores the vast landscape of interpersonal communication best practices.

During this session, you will learn how to:

• Define your communication style and “read” others

• Speak assertively – the language of leadership

• Enhance your active listening skills to anticipate and avoid common misunderstandings

• Match body language to your message

• Eliminate communication roadblocks like “weasel words” and verbal fillers

• Resolve conflict and work constructively with emotions

• Make smart choices with social media

• Organize your thoughts to communicate clearly

• Maintain your composure in challenging interactions

• Motivate and move people to action

Who should attend?

• Anyone who wants to build collaborative relationships that empathize trust and respect

• New managers or supervisors

• New hires who want to work confidently with others

Our one-day session will take participants from theory to practice with a solid combination of relevant content and opportunities for practice. Core Communication Skills will provide you with the tools and techniques to set you apart through the power of clear and compelling communication