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The importance of Situational Awareness is vital. Individuals who are unable to adapt to change, be mindful, understand their audience and believe that one style fits all will fall short in today’s dynamic business environment.

This one day program will:

Give a general awareness to all attendees of their dominant communication style, understanding the situation they are in and determining whether or not that style is appropriate and then adjusting accordingly

Understanding and adapting to different cultures, race groups, generations and nationalities

Learn to read corporate culture and adapt accordingly

Embrace change, stay abreast of the changing environment and adapt accordingly.

The program will cover the following areas:

The importance of accepting and adapting to change

Techniques to overcome the fear of change

Skills to embrace change and grow

Understanding the benefits of changing and the ramifications of not changing

Understanding your dominant communication style

Understanding the other styles

Learning that one style does not fit all

Understanding when to adapt your style