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Why do today’s successful professionals NEED influencing without authority skills? The answer is quite straightforward; they don’t report to you so you can’t force them and you don’t want to beg them but you do need to get things done. This is an increasingly common challenge in most organizations across the globe. The truth is that even when you do have the “power”, you are often better off using influence first. The truly effective individual contributors, managers and executives use influence skills to achieve results, regardless of their positional power within the organization or team structure

This full day workshop is highly interactive and will provide you with key skills for getting things done whether or not you are in charge. You will improve your ability to manage “up”, get agreement from peers and motivate reports that will enable you to work more effectively in project and cross-functional teams, collaborations and matrixed organizations.

This session involves small group discussions, practical case studies, short role playing exercises and opportunities to gain perspective from best practice sharing. Participants will be given the theory background and an overview of power and influence as well as practical skills that can be implemented in their work place. Attendees will practice identifying types of influence, recognizing the motivations of others, and developing a strategy for influencing others

Who Should Attend?

• Project leaders, individual contributors, collaboration participants and others who want to learn strategies to improve their ability to get things done

• Leaders and managers who want to gain new strategies for getting those below them to act without having to “command” them

• Technical experts who require the skills of influencing to achieve “buy-in” from nontechnical colleagues or customers

Key Results and Benefits to Participants:

• Improve your ability to get others to do what you need them to do

• Get more ideas accepted and successfully implemented

• “Manage” your boss and influence company leadership more effectively

• Improve long-term working relationships with colleagues

Key Benefits for the Organization:

• Greater effectiveness of individual contributors, managers and leaders

• Less conflict and higher morale

• Better organizational decision-making due to more and improved input

• More positive relationships within and between departments as well as in cross-functional teams