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Does this picture sound familiar?

  • You have endless e-mails and voicemail messages, many of which are marked urgent
  • You have a critical meeting in 15 minutes and you’re still waiting on updated figures from colleagues
  • You have two proposals that are due today and you haven’t even started on a draft
  • Every time you sit down to tackle your unfinished projects, the telephone rings or someone interrupts you to ask if they could have a minute of your time
  • You have just been asked to entertain an out of town client after work
  • Your daughter’s softball league final is this afternoon and she wants you to attend

Each day we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, asked to make hundreds of decisions, required to juggle countless projects and expected to meet numerous personal demands. Our lives cry out for balance, and yet few can identify, let alone practice, the skills needed to bring things under control. This skills gap and its by-products (confusion, anxiety, and loss of control) are impairing both per- sonal and corporate productivity.

This virtual workshop will identify the essential personal effectiveness skills needed in today’s fast paced environment, and focus on applying these key skills utilizing the process you choose (paper based, e-tools or both). This powerful combination (skills and tools) will result in immediate and dramatic improvements and help you to:

  • Develop effective techniques for planning and achieving short and long term goals
  • Prioritize your daily activities/tasks to accomplish your most important work
  • Plan and schedule the necessary time for highly important projects
  • Make effective decisions and handle information flow efficiently
  • Delegate with confidence and track delegations with greater ease and success
  • Gain control through personal organization and desk management
  • Plan and execute productive meetings
  • Achieve balance in the key areas of your life