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Portable Tech / Apple Vs. Rolex / Top Trends / Hello Vino. Spring 2016


Heard About the Next Big Thing in Portable Tech?

Think a hearable is just another headset? Well, think again. The next step in portable technology could usher in a whole new crop of opportunities, from “intelligent use of microphones, audio digital-signal processing, smart battery miniaturization and other technologies more commonly associated with computers, not headsets,” says leading tech news site readwrite. No doubt, voice recognition technology will speed the evolution. “The growth of smart devices combined with the new voice-enabled world represents significant business and technological opportunities for the hearables market, which seems set to become a major force in the wearables market,” says readwrite. Stay tuned for more on this advancing tech.

34 BILLION: Number of Internet-connected
devices that will be installed globally by 2020.
[BI Intelligence]


Apple Watch Trumps Rolex

The Apple Watch has beaten out Rolex as the timepiece of choice in the luxury brands segment, according to a recent NetBase survey that tracked brand sentiment from more than 700 million social media posts between 2014 and 2015. Overall, the Apple Watch placed 13th on the list of luxury brands, with Rolex placing 14th. If you don’t consider the Apple Watch a luxury item, then perhaps you weren’t aware that the top “Edition” model sells for a cool $17K.


To Merlot or Not to Merlot?

At a networking dinner with some wine connoisseurs and haven’t a clue what to choose? Or maybe your client is a little bit of a wine snob, constantly on the prowl for a perfect pairing. In either case, the free Hello Vino app (iOS and Android) acts as your personal wine assistant, making everything wine so much easier thanks to its label scanner, wine shopping guide, food pairings guide, and answers to every wine question you can imagine. From ordering the right bottle at dinner, to taking care of entertaining a party of clients on a budget, Hello Vino will know the perfect wine for you. 

6 Tech Trends Ruling Your Business

In its 2016 Deloitte Analytics Trends report, the firm identifies trends and challenges driving changes in the types of investments the C-suite makes. They include,
1. Cybersecurity:
The worldwide financial services industry was projected to spend $27.4B on information security alone in the last year. These organizations are beginning to employ more predictive approaches to threat intelligence and monitoring.
2. Data talent: Analytical skills are critical and in short supply in the marketplace.
3. Man and machine: It is projected that businesses will spend over $60B on cognitive solutions by 2025.
4. The Internet of Things: It’s evolving from the realm of gadgets to include tracking people as “things” to form new business models and influence people’s behaviors.
5. The new scientists: There’s a significant shift in how scientists are utilized, with an increasing number being tapped to lead companies.
6. Insight-driven organizations: Business leaders are taking serious steps to deploy a combination of strategy, people, processes and data to drive success.