The Illinois CPA Society offers its members discounts on insurance, tax resources, shipping, document management, office supplies, and CPA Exam review courses.

Gleim CPA Review

Apr 5, 2016, 12:05 PM
ICPAS members receive an exclusive 20% discount on Gleim CPA Review. Gleim has helped millions of candidates pass their accounting certification exams since 1974. Authored by professional educators, Gleim CPA Review Courses give you all the tools you need to pass the CPA Exam. Learn more.

ICPAS members receive an exclusive 20% discount on Gleim CPA Review.

Gleim is committed to helping you pass your exams. Did you know that we have an entire team dedicated to providing you with exam guidance throughout your study process? Contact our team today to learn why Gleim has been trusted by CPA Exam candidates for over 40 years.

The Gleim Premium CPA Review Course includes:

  • Exclusive assistance from our team of CPA experts
  • A true Access Until You Pass® Guarantee
  • The brand new Mega Test Bank, the largest offering available of multiple-choice questions and simulations
  • Free ground shipping within the contiguous United States
Visit the Gleim website to receive your exclusive discount.

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