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Thomson Reuters Online Tax Library

Mar 1, 2016, 16:19 PM

Thomson Reuters is offering ICPAS members exclusive access to a specially-created online library of tax content on the award-winning Checkpoint platform for only a $75 annual subscription fee. Learn more.

Thomson Reuters is offering ICPAS members exclusive access to a specially-created online library of tax content on the award-winning Checkpoint platform for only a $75 annual subscription fee.  Purchased individually, these products retail for over $500.

Scroll down for a list of content included in the online library.

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Subscription Information

Fee: $75 annual subscription (All sales are final.)
Availability: 100 subscriptions
Current Subscription Starts: July 25, 2017
When to Purchase: Any time on or after July 25, 2017
How to Purchase: PURCHASE NOW
Questions: Contact Michele Haryasz 312.517.7640

If you already subscribe to RIA tax research and would like to know the difference between this offering and your current subscription, please contact our rep: Tammy Brazil at  

Content in this library includes

  • RIA’s Federal Tax Handbook;
  • Federal Taxes Weekly Alert;
  • Over 200 Checkpoint Calculators;
  • Internal Revenue Code, Regs and Rulings;
  • Form-Line Finder with Corporate, Partnership and Individual Return Guides (that help you quickly locate a specific form or line, save you valuable time and provide access to the most up-to-date information);
  • RIA's Primary Source Material (providing the most complete collection of federal tax case law and IRS rulings and memoranda available including over 100,000 cases and over 70,000 private letter rulings)

    Primary source material includes
    Actions on Decisions (1967 - Current);
    American Federal Tax Reports (AFTR) (1860 - Current);
    Announcements (1959 - Current);
    Chief Counsel Advice;
    Current Internal Revenue Code;
    Delegation Orders (1956 - Current);
    Disclosure Litigation Bulletins and other IRS Documents;
    Executive Orders;
    Fact Sheets;
    Field Service Advice;
    Final and Temporary Regulations;
    FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Documents;
    General Counsel Memoranda (1962 - Current);
    Internal Revenue Code History;
    IR News Releases;
    LMSB Director Guidance;
    Notices (1980 - Current);
    Preambles to Final Regulation;
    Private Letter Rulings & Technical Advice Memo (1954 - Current);
    Proposed Regulations & Preambles;
    Revenue Procedures (1955 - Current);
    Revenue Rulings (1954 - Current);
    Service Center Advice;
    Tax Court & Board of Tax Appeals Memo Decisions (1928 - Current);
    Tax Court & Board of Tax Appeals Reported Decisions (1924 - Current);
    Tax Court Memorandum Decisions (Current Year);
    Tax Court Reported Decisions (Current Year).


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