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Apr 5, 2016, 13:06 PM

Vanguard is a leading local provider for document destruction services, records management, and vault storage. Members of ICPAS receive a 20% savings on document destruction services, 20% discount on shredding rotation services, no charge for some records management options, and no charge for some offsite vault storage. Learn more.

ICPAS members receive access to the following for Vanguard services:

  • Purge Document Destruction Services: $87.00 plus $1.50 per box (20% savings)
  • Shredding Rotation Services: $36 plus $9.00 per cabinet

Records Management Program:

  • First 2 years of records storage (no limit): No Charge
  • Cost to move initial records to Vanguard (unlimited pickups): No Charge
  • Cost to data enter all initial information from boxes to online system: No Charge
  • Cost to add initial new boxes to Vanguard for initial move: No Charge
  • Cost for initial secure destruction (purge): No Charge
  • Discounted Monthly Shred Rotations: $30 per month for 1 bin
  • Estimated cost of monthly storage (Up to 416 boxes): $125 per month after first 2 years
  • More options available for clients with current vendor

Offsite Vault Storage and Tape Rotation Services:

  • First years of vault storage (no limit): No Charge
  • Cost to move initial records to Vanguard (unlimited pickups): No Charge
  • Discounted Rotation Services: $25 per trip and $.025 per tape

For more information, contact Mike Szerlong at 847-451-7566 x304.


Vanguard Archives


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