Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day!

The House and Senate convene at Noon today.  The House is scheduled to be in T-F and the Senate T-Th. This week is the House deadline for House bills to receive a hearing in committee in order to advance in the legislative process. That is the general proposition as a way to parlimentarily weed through the massive roster of bills that have been introduced. There are parliamentary ways to give what was once thought a dead bill a second life by extending deadlines. The Senate did just that with extending deadlines on a number of bills that did not meet the Senate Chamber’s March 17th deadline for Senate bills to receive committee hearings.

A full array of hearings in both chambers are scheduled for today and throughout the week. We will be closely watching the House and Senate Revenue Committees to see bills that may pop out of the respective committees. Both committees have used a majority of their time this Spring Session holding subject matter hearings on topics rather than hearings and voting on individual bills. Neither committee has passed out a large number of tax bills but has opted instead to park bills in subcommittee as a way to control what is heard, what is voted on, and what bill preliminarily dies. For instance, the House Revenue Committee has seven pages of bills as pending in subcommittees. My sense is that this week we will be able to determine what bills are viable as they are released from committee.

Last week, the Circuit Court of Cook County ruled that the Comptroller should be paying Legislators and Constitutional Officers.  Both Legislators and Constitutional Officers only received seven months of pay in 2016 for twelve months’ worth of work. This ruling is a sigh of relief for financially struggling elected officials.

Also, there were amendments filed to bills included in the Senate Grand Bargain legislative package last week. There was an amendment filed for the Education Funding Bill and an amendment filed for the pension reform legislation. These amendments are illustrative that negotiations at least between the Senate Democrats and Republicans are ongoing. There was also speculation that an amendment would be filed to SB-9 (the omnibus tax bill), but no such amendment has been filed at this time. We will continue to monitor SB-9 closely on any additional tax measures.

Warm and overcast here today.


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