To use CPE onDemand, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

  • JavaScript & Cookies


Please Note

With the recent version of Chrome (version 59 and up), you will get a "Adobe Flash Install" window when trying to view a course. This is a Chrome issue and we suggest that you use Internet Explorer or Firefox when viewing a OnDemand course. There is a fix to the problem, if you choose to still use Chrome. [Windows] [MAC]

Bandwidth Recommendation

For the best learning experience, CPE onDemand courses should be completed on a DSL or cable internet connection. CPE courses have been developed to play back on PCs and mobile devices that meet the above requirements.

Sound Output

Your computer must be equipped with audio output, speakers and/or headphone jack with headphones to playback the sound portion of the video content.

Course Availability on Apple Mobile Devices

CPE onDemand courses will play back on all PCs and mobile devices that meet the above requirements. However, because CPE onDemand courses currently use Adobe Flash, courses are not accessible on Apple mobile devices.

System Test

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