The Illinois CPA Society scholarships and outreach programs are funded by the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois. The scholarships recognize accounting students and CPA candidates who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and financial need.

Listed below, you will find more information. If you know anyone that you think would be a great candidate, please encourage them to learn more

Illinois CPA Society Accounting Scholarship and Outreach Programs

  • Accounting Scholarships +

  • CPA Exam Awards +

  • Student Ambassador Program +

CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois Named Fund Programs

  • Debra R. Hopkins "Be a CPA" Scholarship Fund +

  • Women's Executive Committee Advancing Women in Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • Jovencio P. and Violeta R. Mangahas Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • Herman J. Neal Scholarship Fund +

  • Mary T. Washington Wylie Opportunity Fund +

  • Marian Powers Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • James A. Sikich Visionary Scholarship Fund +

Illinois University Based Named Fund Programs

  • Arthur R. Wyatt Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • Edilberto C. and Carmelita M. Ortiz Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • Kenneth J. and Jacqueline M. Hull Accounting Scholarship Fund +

  • Needles/Snow/Wish Accounting Scholarship Fund +