Thank you for choosing to participate in the Peer Review Alliance program as a peer reviewer. This page provides reviewers with access to peer review tools, and information on peer reviewer training.

Due to the program's name change, peer review reports issued after July 1, 2018 should be addressed to the Peer Review Alliance Report Acceptance Committee. 


Offsite System Review Info

In certain circumstances, subject to the approval of the administrative entity, a team captain may be allowed to perform a System Review at a location other than the firm's office. Please refer to AICPA Peer Review Manual Section 2000 - Interpretation No. 8-1 for a description of these circumstances.

The overarching principle in the Interpretation states that “if the review can reasonably be performed at the reviewed firm’s office, it should be.” Cost and/or convenience considerations cannot be the primary reasons for the request.

In order to obtain approval for an offsite System Review, a team captain must submit a formal written request (e-mail is acceptable) that addresses as many of the factors listed in Interpretation No. 8-1 as are applicable. This form assists team captains in documenting offsite requests, however, the form may not address all relevant factors listed in the Interpretation for each review.


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