General AICPA CPE Requirements

General AICPA CPE requirements apply to team members and team/review captains and can be found here.

Reviewer-Specific Requirements (New Reviewers)

CPAs interested in qualifying as either a team captain for System Reviews or a Review Captain for Engagement Reviews must complete a series of online modules as well as a live case study class both offered through the AICPA.

Please check the AICPA web site for more information on the qualifications, online modules, and live case study class schedules.

Reviewer-Specific Requirements (Experienced Reviewers)

Experienced reviewers must complete a Peer Review update course annually as well as relevant "must select" courses based on their resume qualifications.

AICPA On-Demand Courses
Peer Review Update
Must-Select Update - Governmental
Must-Select Update - Employee Benefits Plans


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