Empowering the Future of Accounting

Building on the remarkable success of the Mary T. Washington Wylie Internship Preparation Program, the all-new Mary T. Washington Wylie Fellows Program is a transformative opportunity designed to support, develop, and empower Black and other underrepresented racial/ethnic minority new hires as they advance in the accounting profession. With personalized training and mentorship resources, participants will be prepared to overcome obstacles, foster a positive professional experience, and achieve success in their careers. The program consists of a series of workshops and mentorship opportunities focused on developing the strategic skills and insights needed to excel in the accounting and finance profession.

Mary T. Washington Wylie Fellows Program

Our Offerings

This program offers a unique blend of mentorship, coaching, and career development opportunities, ensuring that each participant receives tailored support to meet their specific needs. In addition to customized training on timely and relevant topics, participants will also reap the rewards of meaningful relationships with dedicated mentors from various industries and experiences and a supportive cohort of ambitious peers.

Our Curriculum

Our highly customized curriculum covers a wide range of topics aimed at preparing participants for long-term success in the accounting and finance profession. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Navigating corporate culture and politics.
  • Expanding emotional intelligence.
  • Interpreting manager relationships and early performance feedback.
  • Developing technical accounting skills.
  • Mastering Excel for accountants.
  • Understanding data analytics and technology skills.
  • Preparing for the CPA exam.

To learn more about the program or ways to become involved, please contact Elizabeth Brown.