Trust Is Not Enough

Trust Is Not Enough: Recharting the CPA's Path Forward

To ensure the relevance of CPAs and the CPA profession, it is time to look beyond the traditional tax, accounting, and audit services—what we refer to as compliance services—that CPAs have built their reputations on.

For years, being experts in these areas has treated CPAs amazingly well, but we cannot overlook that companies and clients today are demanding so much more from their business advisors—think deeper strategic insights, data analysis, and predictive analytics, just to name a few. Now, more than ever, CPAs must redefine who and what they are to their clients and companies or risk their relevance in a tech-heavy business world.

In this 2019 Insight Special Feature, the Illinois CPA Society challenges that it's time for CPAs to rechart their path forward as not only the most trusted business advisors but as the most valued and strategic business advisors.

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