The Illinois CPAs for Political Action (CPA PAC) promotes good citizenship through the personal and financial participation of Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) members and others in the elective process at the state level of government. The PAC serves as a strong collective voice for CPAs and CPA firms and provides a foundation for successful legislative advocacy. The CPA PAC is a respected nonpartisan political action committee that contributes and supports candidates for state offices who support the legislative goals of the profession. CPA PAC background briefing (PDF). 

Legal Organization

The CPA PAC is a state political action committee defined by the Illinois Election Code (10 ILCS 5/9-1.8[d]). Articles of formation and adjunct financial reports may be viewed at the Illinois State Board of Elections. Read Campaign Disclosure and Committee Detail, Illinois State Board of Elections.


The CPA PAC is governed by a steering committee appointed by the ICPAS president and approved by the ICPAS Board of Directors. Governance document (PDF).

Federal PAC

The American Institute of CPAs maintains a political action committee which contributes to candidates for federal office. Read more. AICPA PAC.


Donations may be sent to:
Illinois CPAs for Political Action
524 South Second Street, Suite 504
Springfield, IL 62701-7051

Note: Illinois election law allows the CPA PAC to accept firm checks.


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