CPE Requirement FAQ

  • How many hours of CPE do I have to take per year? +

  • What constitutes "professional ethics" CPE? +

  • How do I know if the classes I've taken qualify for CPE? +

  • How can I find out if a CPE provider is an approved sponsor? +

  • I have already met my 120 hours for this license renewal period. Can I carryover any additional hours into the next three-year renewal period? +

  • Who tracks/verifies that I have taken the required amount of CPE? +

  • What are the types of CPE? +

  • How much self-study can I take? +

  • What is the difference between interactive and conventional self-study? +

  • Are webinars considered interactive self-study? +

  • I understand there are new activities that qualify for CPE credit. What types of activities are included in this new category? +

Initial License Requirement FAQs

  • How many CPE hours must I accumulate before applying for a license? +

License Renewal FAQ

Miscellaneous FAQ

Types of Non-verifiable CPE FAQ

  • Programs From an Entity That is Not an Approved Sponsor +

  • Participation on a Technical Committee +

  • Professional Reading +

  • Research or Consultation +