Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day: 

The Senate convenes at 11:00 and the House at 11:30. At Noon today, the Governor will deliver his Budget Address to a joint session of the General Assembly as required by the State Constitution. It is anticipated that the Governor will mention in his speech those areas of the Senate Grand Bargain that he is in favor of. Secondarily, Attorney General Madigan’s Attorneys will be appearing before a Metro East Circuit Judge arguing the Attorney General’s motion to discontinue state employee pay checks. The court previously ruled that employees can continued to be paid absent an appropriation. If the court grants the Attorney General’s motion, this will add significant pressure to the General Assembly and the Governor to resolve the deadlock at the risks of significantly disrupting essential state services.

The focus this week will be on committee hearings in both Chambers. There are committee hearings scheduled all afternoon. Each Chamber will now need to manage bills that have been introduced through the hearing process. In the House, over 4k bills have been introduced and in the Senate over 3k have been introduced.

Late last week, Senate President Cullerton began calling bills that were part of the Grand Bargain. This apparently came as a surprise to the Senate Republicans as their leader instructed them to vote present. SB 3 (Local Govt Consolidation), SB 8 (Procurement Reform), SB 10 (Local Govt Borrowing) all passed with democratic votes. SB 11 (Pension Reform) did not pass. As a reminder, all bills in the 13 Bill Package are intertwined and must all pass as a package. There is rumor that the minimum wage bill will be removed from consideration all together and will be considered separately. Rumor is also afoot that there is agreement on Workers Comp Reform. There has been significant movement on SB-9 Omnibus Tax Package-the business privilege payroll tax has been taken off the table. In exchange, there is discussions of broadening the sales tax base by taxing food and medicine. No amendatory language to SB 9 has been filed at this time to reflect these changes.

This morning I will be attending the Business & Industry For Economic Concern Breakfast. The CPA PAC was a sponsor of BIFECS New Member (Representatives/Senators) Breakfast last Thursday.

Sunny and warm here this morning. The Legislature is scheduled to be in Springfield through Friday.


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