Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day!

The House and Senate convene at 3:00 this afternoon. Only the Senate has committees posted for today. Friday is the deadline in both the House and Senate for bills from the opposite chamber to reach 3rd reading deadline. It’s going to be a busy week in both Chambers moving bills through 3rd reading. We are closely watching SB 899 which ICPAS had amended and will need to be passed by the House before Friday.

Last week, the House adjourned on Friday morning and the Senate worked into midafternoon on Friday. The Senate has advanced six of the eleven bill Senate Grand Bargain package. The six bills are now pending in the House and are scheduled for hearings this week. Indications are that negotiations in the Senate are ongoing and that they are close to resolving differences with the Workers' Compensation piece. Talks continue as well over resolving the gap with property tax freezes. Last week I reported that the SB 9-Omnibus Tax Package was amended and included the previous listed tax on consumer services. SB 9 also included some other changes. We will see where this bill goes from here.

This is the time of session with two weeks remaining where bad things can jump out of the tall grass. We are being vigilant in watching the progress of talks and other legislative items which may pop out of nowhere.

Sunny & Cool here today.


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