Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day:

The House convenes at 11:00 today.  There is one committee scheduled—Education Appropriations Committee. The focus of today’s session is to consider legislation providing for a school aid formula.

Background—As a part of the State Budget Package, the House and Senate passed Senate Bill 1 which provides for a new school aid formula. The Budget Implementation Bill, which is now law and provides spending authorization, is tied to Senate Bill 1. So, the money is there but it is tied to the formulas in Senate Bill 1. Governor Rauner mandatorily vetoed Senate Bill 1. Using his Constitutional Veto authority, he rewrote portions of Senate Bill 1.  

The Senate convened on Sunday and overrode the Governor’s Amendatory veto. The House must do the same for the original language of SB 1 to become effective. It is uncertain if there are the requisite number of vote in the House to override. To override, Speaker Madigan will need all of his 69 Members of the House Democratic Caucus and 4 Republicans.

As it stands procedurally, SB 1 is a paradox. A super majority of both parties is required to override and restore the original language of the bill to be effective. Typically, a simple majority vote is needed to accept the Governor’s amendatory veto. However, since the legislation has an immediate effective date, it would require an extra ordinary majority to accept the changes as well. It is apparent that the numbers are just not there to do one or the other, and SB 1 is floating in the stratosphere while school districts wait for their state aid payments that should have gone out from the Comptroller last Friday.

Moving forward—The House has introduced House Bill 3163, which is a new stand-alone bill mirroring the Governor’s Amendatory Veto language. Most likely, it is a vehicle towards resolution if a compromise among all caucus chambers and the Governor can be reached and the votes poured on for passage.

We are closely monitoring movement towards resolution of this pending education funding crisis.

Humid and warm here today. Today is Governor’s Day at the Illinois State Fair, and tomorrow is Democrat Day. Political stagecraft at its best.

Marty Green, ESQ


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