Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day!

The House convenes at 11:00 and the Senate at 1:00. Committee hearings have already kicked off this morning.

Yesterday, the House Democratic Caucus proposed a stop gap budget measure to provide funding to Higher Education and Social Services Agencies. Funding for this stop gap budget measure would come from statutory funds specifically dedicated to education and social services. Programs covered under the social services umbrella would be those services that are not currently being funded through court orders, consent decrees or continuing appropriations. Bottom-line: the funding for stopgap would not be general revenue funds but rather, dollars sitting in designated funds ready to be appropriated. The Governor stated last night that he opposes such a measure as it merely kicks the long term issues down the road. My sense is that there will be enough democratic votes in the House and a few Republicans who break from the Republican Caucus (albeit with or w/o the leader’s permission) to pass the emergency stop gap budget measure to be passed onto the Senate for consideration. I do not know the Senate Democratic Caucuses' view of this temporary approach.

Also yesterday, the Big-5 Accounting Firms Office Managing Partners met with the leadership of the House and Senate. Participants received a stark analysis on the state of affairs under the State House Dome. The courtesy visits were interesting and the OMPs were able to share with the legislative leaders the employment impact that their collective presence has on the State of Illinois. It was a busy day in the State House yesterday with our visit, Nursing Lobby Day, and I-GOLD Gun Rights.

Today is the last “getaway” day for both Chambers prior to the two week Spring Break. This will be the last morning report until April 24th when the General Assembly returns to Springfield.


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