Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

Good Day!

The newly convened Chambers- Senate convenes at 9:00 and the House at 9:30. It is anticipated that both Chambers will perform ministerial organization Chamber functions and adjourn. There are no committee hearings scheduled for today. 

Yesterday was the inauguration of the new 100th General Assembly where both Chambers swore in members, elected respective Chamber presiding officers, and adopted procedural rules. I attended the swearing in of the Senate to observe the proceedings and listen to speeches by President Cullerton and Minority Leader Radogno. Speaker Madigan was reelected in the House and President Cullerton in the Senate. It was apparent to me that the Senate is moving forward with their agreed upon grand bargain to resolve the budget impasse. It was apparent yesterday in the speeches of both the President and Minority Leader and with speaking with members of the Senate from both sides of the aisle.

The 100th GA is off and running. Already, 300 new bills have been filed in the House and 70 bills in the Senate. I am reviewing Senate Bills--bills previously introduced in the closing days of the 99th General Assembly that would have executed the Grand Bargain reached between President Cullerton and Minority Leader Radogno have been reintroduced in the Senate.  

On another note, the Illinois Supreme Court hears the property tax Hospital Case today. I will be attending Oral Arguments at the Court.

Damp, foggy and warm here today. Weather reports indicate there are icy roads in Northern Illinois, so I anticipate the Chambers adjourning mid-morning for the journey back to their districts.


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