Your briefing on the activities of the Illinois General Assembly

May 22, 2020

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

The Senate convenes at 10:35 followed by the House at 11.  There is only one committee scheduled for today-House Executive at 9:00 a.m.  The following is a run down of where we are at:

House Executive at 9 AM:
Bills to be heard are as follows:
·       SB 471 –  various (worker protection if relaying healthcare directions, public employees, etc.)
·       SB 1805 – BIMP
·       SB 1864 – Healthcare omnibus INCLUDING TELEHEALTH
·       SB 2099 – $5B borrowing for COVID
·       SB 2135 – Legislative Oversight of Governor’s Reopening Plans
·       SB 2541 – Hospital assessment 
·       SB 3066 – Ramirez legislation on rent relief 

 Senate Convenes at 10:30 AM; House Convenes at 11 AM. 
 Status of Major Legislation:
(does not include the above list) 
Awaiting House Action
·       HB 123 – Cannabis. Awaiting concurrence vote in the House.  
·       HB 2455 – Labor omnibus (UI/ WC). Awaiting concurrence vote in the House. 
·       HB 2096 – Local government omnibus. Awaiting concurrence vote in the House.
 Awaiting Senate:
·     SB 1863 – Election omnibus (VBM). Awaiting Senate concurrence. 
 Awaiting Both: 
·       SB 1569 – Education omnibus. On 2nd in House then needs Senate concurrence. 
Ongoing negotiations: Gaming 
Budget: HB 64, SB 264

Both Chambers are working hard and making progress.  It is anticipated that both Chambers may work into the evening to complete their work to avoid an overtime session.  The legislative leaders have determined that if they are unable to get their schedule of work completed, both Chambers will remain in the Capital City to continue working.  To recess and return to their districts would require further testing and preparation for session.

Will continue to keep you updated on progress.  Be well.




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