For Illinois licensure, there are two types of activities that qualify for CPE credit: verifiable CPE programs and non-verifiable CPE programs and activities. Both are explained in detail below.

CPE Requirements Overview


There are restrictions on how many hours may be earned through self-study courses, authorship of books and articles, and teaching. For more information download the ICPAS CPE Requirements Overview referenced above or see Rules for the Administration of the Illinois Public Accounting Act, Section 1420.70.  

Verifiable CPE

Verifiable CPE programs are given by approved sponsors who are registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) or the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) is an approved sponsor.

Proof of Attendance

Proof of attendance must also be submitted, if requested by the IDFPR, in the form of Certificates of Attendance, which are issued by the sponsor organization for each CPE program held. 

CPE Sponsors

As noted below, you can use the tools provided by IDFPR and NASBA to verify if an organization is an approved sponsor, but it's always best to check directly with the organization prior to taking any program.

Verify an Approved Sponsor

The IDFPR provides a search of organizations that are registered as approved sponsors in Illinois using the License Lookup Tool. NASBA also provides access to their National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

Register as a CPE Sponsor
Out of State Sponsors

A sponsor that has been approved by another state’s regulatory agency for CPE credit in that state will be acceptable in Illinois. An individual should obtain proof of the sponsor’s registration with IDFPR or NASBA (i.e., their sponsorship number) prior to taking any courses from a CPE sponsor other than ICPAF.

Non-verifiable CPE

The Illinois CPA Society has worked closely with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to expand the type of learning activities that qualify for the required 120 hours of CPE every licensing renewal period.*

*PLEASE NOTE: While the expanded CPE recognition qualifies for Illinois state licensure, it does not qualify for the 24 or 80-hour CPE requirements of Government Auditing Standards (i.e., Yellow Book) or for licensing in states other than Illinois.

What are non-verifiable activities?

Non-verifiable activities are independent or informal learning activities that are not confirmed by a recognized educational or professional sponsor. These qualifying activities will allow you to obtain the credit you deserve for completing education that is relevant to your specific job.

Maximum Hours

Non-verifiable activities can account for up to 60 hours of the 120 hour requirement earned each renewal period.


It is up to the individual to track and document their own evidence of completion for all non-verifiable learning activities. 

Types of Non-verifiable CPE FAQ

Programs From an Entity That is Not an Approved Sponsor
Participation on a Technical Committee
Professional Reading
Research or Consultation

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