These courses fulfill the required annual sexual harassment prevention training under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

They also fulfill the 1 CPE sexual harassment training credit requirement for Illinois licensed CPAs (and other licensed professionals) for their 2024 license renewal.

Not Here! Keeping Harassment Out of the Workplace

Using case studies and real-world scenarios, this course covers what constitutes as sexual harassment and how employers can prevent and help keep harassment and retaliation out of the workplace. Learn how employees and managers can build and maintain a respectful work environment that is free of harassment.

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Preventing & Investigating Sexual & Other Harassment 2022

In this informative and entertaining workshop, learn what does and does not constitute sexual and other harassment along with what to do should harassment occur.  Discuss employer responsibilities to prevent, investigate, and resolve harassment issues and illustrate them through a mock investigation.  In “plain English” review the relevant laws, avenues for obtaining relief (both internally and externally), and remedies.  Discuss whistleblower protections for employees who resist or report harassment.

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