Engage Session Title and Description

The Society reserves the right to revise your proposed session title and description in order to fit our content format.

Please describe why one should attend your session. Example: Lending to beneficiaries can be a useful tool for estate and gift tax planning, but there are many concerns to bear in mind. We will discuss the law regarding loans to beneficiaries, including tax and fiduciary issues, with an overview of recent case law.
Describe how your session will help the attendee address a challenge or deal with recent developments, including takeaways that they will gain from attending your presentation. (Please bold key words that are most important in the description provided below.) Example: 1) Factors a trustee should consider in deciding whether to make a loan. 2) Due diligence a trustee must perform to protect and properly document their decision. 3) Awareness of fiduciary liability traps and how to avoid lawsuits

Tell us about your session format!

The conference format and attendee expectations are changing. Attendees are telling us they prefer more engaging, interactive presentations as opposed to straight lecture. Think TED TALK! Below are several options and ideas. Some of the options work better in a small ‘workshop’ style environment versus a large conference style setting, and these items are marked with (*). If you have any other ideas, we’re happy to discuss them!

How will you introduce the attendee to the content that will make this a more learner-centric experience for YOU and the Attendee?

What activities will help attendees actively learn, review content, and foster participation?