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Communications and Marketing (1.00)

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Become a critical thinker and pave the way for improved problem-solving communication and collaboration skills.


Think critically, act decisively, live confidently

Enhance the effectiveness of both your company and team by developing critical thinking skills that allow you to identify, analyze and solve problems systematically and effectively, improving your leadership, coordination, planning, and decision-making skills.

Analyze your thoughts

  • Develop the ability to analyze your thoughts and the information you receive through observation, experience, reasoning, and communication with yourself and others.
  • Strengthen your leadership mindset to develop your own point of view while recognizing biases and limits.
  • Identify the steps required to effectively solve problems and develop efficient strategies.

Improve and support your reasoning

Allow behavioral science to guide you through the different steps of critical thinking to help you listen with focus, gather, and analyze information to achieve your goals.

Make effective decisions

Learn how to question and evaluate evidence presented to you, examine problems from different perspectives, make correct inferences, and assess probabilities, all while recognizing your cognitive biases.

Explore how to improve your communication by effectively structuring your arguments and refining your decision-making process.

A new way to learn

Harness the power of edutainment as you dive into an entertaining learning experience that uses animation, videos, storytelling, and real-world examples that makes learning engaging, relatable, and interactive — and, perhaps most important, easy to retain and apply in your everyday life.

Expand your human intelligence skills and explore CQ Originals: Active Listening.

Who Will benefit

  • Accounting and finance professionals '- Management accounting professionals
  • Leaders and managers
  • Non-finance professionals across other key departments including sales, digital, HR, and IT

Key Topics

  • Critical thinking techniques
  • The role of active listening
  • Recognizing bias
  • Individual and organizational benefits

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the definition of critical thinking.
  • Recognize the importance of critical thinking.
  • Recognize the components of the thinking loop.

This course provides 1 hour of CPE credit in the Communications and Marketing field of study.