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Communications and Marketing (1.00)

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Become a skilled negotiator and pave the way for improved problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills.


How to approach a negotiation

Learn the different approaches to negotiation and how to use them to find solutions that can satisfy both parties and establish positive long-term relationships.

Understand how, in many negotiation situations, it appears that the only possibility is that a gain on one side will result in a loss on the other.

Learn instead how to generate additional value by implementing an integrative approach aimed at expanding the available resources, rather than dividing them, so that the negotiation’s outcome will satisfy all parties.

Phases of the negotiation process
Explore the different steps of the negotiation process and learn how to apply them effectively.

Set goals and limits
Prepare for success by setting objectives and identifying ideal results for each specific negotiation scenario and how to establish your bottom line.

Manage conflict constructively
Improve your conflict prevention, management, and resolution techniques so that you can handle even the most complex situations, learning how to turn conflict into an opportunity for productive confrontation.

Reach a mutually beneficial outcome
Explore the different possibilities for solving the problem and reaching a positive outcome for all parties.

Strengthen your communication, cooperation, and bargaining skills to maximize the effectiveness of the negotiation process.

A new way to learn
Harness the power of edutainment as you dive into an entertaining learning experience that uses animation, videos, storytelling, and real-world examples that makes learning engaging, relatable, and interactive — and, perhaps most important, easy to retain and apply in your everyday life.

Expand your human intelligence skills and explore CQ Originals: Active Listening and CQ Originals: Critical Thinking.

This course provides 1 hour of CPE credit in the Communications and Marketing field of study.

Who Will Benefit

  • Accounting and finance professionals
  • Management accounting professionals
  • Leaders and managers
  • Non-finance professionals across other key departments including sales, digital, HR, and IT

Key Topics

  • Types of negotiators – evasive, competitive, differential, manipulative and integrative
  • The negotiation process
  • Conflict management

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the definition of negotiation and its outcomes
  • Identify the different types of negotiators
  • Recall the steps of negotiation and how to apply them