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  • Form a S corporation and calculate the entity&rsquo:s initial inside basis in the assets and shareholder&rsquo:s stock basis
  • Understand the operational issues during the growth and maturity of a S corporation and how the schedule K items get allocated to the shareholders on their individual Schedule K-1 effecting stock and debt basis
  • Prepare a Schedule M-2 and determine how distributions are treated to the shareholders
  • Comprehend the tax ramifications of liquidating a S corporation and the sale versus redemption of a shareholder&rsquo:s stock


Extensive review of the S corporation tax laws with an emphasis on any new legislative changes Requirements to make an S election (i.e., types and numbers of shareholders and second class of stock issues) Fixing late S corporation elections (i.e., Form 2553) S corporation formation (§351) and liquidation issues Revocation and termination of S corporations Schedule K and K-1 – separately stated versus non-separately stated income and expense items Detailed Schedule K-1 reporting including the 20** qualified business income (QBI) deduction and 3.8** net investment income tax Compensation issues including the tax treatment of fringe benefits Built in gains tax and other planning opportunities when converting a C to S corporation Preparation of the Schedule M-2 and the ordering rules for distributions out of the AAA, PTI, E&P and OAA accounts Tax treatment of stock redemptions (sale or distribution?)


Background in S corporation and individual income tax law