Mary T. Washington Wylie
Internship Preparation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for me?
Program participants receive invaluable knowledge, resources, and connections into the accounting profession. The three-day experience leaves participants with the key skills that employers find important and the opportunity to interview for paid internships with accounting employers. As an added bonus, all participants receive a $500 scholarship.

Who can apply?
This program is specifically designed for African-American and other racial/ethnic minorities. We recognize that there are other diverse individuals interested in the accounting profession and encourage all accounting students to take advantage of our FREE student membership. ICPAS provides student members with numerous benefits, including scholarships, career development, and CPA exam resources. Additionally, we encourage all student members to attend our Jumpstart to Accounting program in April. For more information, visit

If I don't meet the 3.0 GPA requirement, can I still apply?
Yes! Please explain any reasons for your lower GPA in the application's essay section.

If I have not declared accounting as my major, can I still apply?
Absolutely! If you are interested in the accounting profession, but haven't yet declared your major, this program is a great way to immerse yourself with all things accounting for three days.

If I have already completed or committed to an accounting internship, can I still apply?
Yes! If you previously had an internship but felt it was not a good fit or not a successful experience, your application will still be considered. Please describe this experience in the application's essay section.

What are four things I can do to make my application stand out?

1.   Think through your answers to the essay questions. Articulate your interest in the program, your goals, special circumstances, and overall need. If you can include a relevant or interesting story about yourself, do it!

2.   Proofread your application for spelling and grammatical errors. Typos are an easy way to weed out applications, so make sure your application is ready before submitting. Have someone else review your application, too.

3.   Ask the individual that writes your letter of recommendation to give detailed examples that they are confident in your ability to succeed with this opportunity.

4.   The special circumstances essay question is your opportunity to share any information that makes you stand out. Also, if you feel there is anything in your application that doesn't meet the required standard, such as a lower GPA, this is your chance to provide an explanation. 

How should I submit my application materials?
Submit your application, transcript, and recommendation letter through our online portal by November 9. Request your transcript and letter of recommendation early and, if necessary, follow up to be sure you are able to meet the deadline. 


Applications due Monday, November 9, 2020 | | [email protected]