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Full text of standards, news, alerts and pronouncements 

FASB Accounting Standards Codification 
Pronouncements and EIFT Abstracts 
FASB Action Alert 
Financial Accounting Research System (FARS) $


GASB Information on GASB documents which can be ordered for a fee

Technical Inquiries 
Quick links

Information on IASB documents which can be ordered for a fee

SEC. Office of the Chief Accountant Responsible for establishing and enforcing accounting and auditing policy and for improving the professional performance of public company auditors

AICPA. Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC)   
AcSEC's role is to determine the AICPAs technical policies regarding financial accounting and reporting standards

AICPA Acounting & Auditing Technical Help 
AICPA responds to general accounting and auditing questions. The AICPA Hotline is a free service for AICPA members; members typically receive a response within 24 hours. 888.777.7077.

THE NETWORK The NETWORK volunteers, a group of ICPAS members who have agreed to share their time and expertise with fellow Society members, provide quick, informal assistance for members who have technical, operational, industry-specific, or practice management questions

Recommendations from the ICPAS Librarians 

Handbook of Accounting and Auditing (Thomson / WGL)  Print and electronic (updated twice a year)
GAAP Guides by various publishers (CCH, Wiley, PPC, etc.)



AICPA Auditing Standards Baord  (ASB)Full text of standards and related guidance for non-issuers in the areas of audit, attest engagements and accounting and review services and quality control 

Auditing Standards 
Attestation Standards 
Accounting ad Review Services Standards 
Quality Control Standards

Full text of standards, information, email alert

What's New email

Government Accountability Office Full text of Government Auditing Standards (The Yellow Book)

Yellow Book


CPA News

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CPA Success 
Blog from Tom Hood, CPA, the executive director of the Maryland CPA Society


These firms publish a wealth of information, articles, research studies and white papers on a wide variety of subjects.






RSM McGladrey

Crowe Group

Grant Thornton

Blackman Kallick



Government (Federal) 
Agencies & Departments | Supporting Sites

Agencies & Departments

Congressional Budget Office 
Provides Congress with nonpartisan analyses for economic and budget decisions


Department of Commerce

Department of Housing and Urban Development 

Department of Justice 

Department of Labor 

Department of Treasury 

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA)

Federal Reserve

General Services Administration

Government Accountability Office
Investigative arm of Congress

Government Printing Office

House of Representatives

  • U.S. Code
    Consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States

Library of Congress 

National Archives and Records Administration

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Postal Service

Office of Management and Budget 

Securities & Exchange Commission


Small Business Administration

  • Business.gov 
    Single access point to government services and information to help businesses with their operations

Social Security Administration 

Supreme Court 

White House 

Supporting Sites

Private, non-profit company providing public access to the political process

Gateway to government loan information for agriculture, business, disaster relief, education, housing and veterans

Access to statistics from more than 70 government agencies

Government Search Engines & Locators 

News for senior executives and managers in the federal government's departments and agencies. Sign up for daily email newsletter

Internet Crime Complaint Center 
Joint venture of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center

One-stop regulatory website that makes it easier for citizens to participate in federal rulemaking. On the site, individuals can find, review, and submit comments on federal documents that are open for comment and published in the Federal Register

Roll Call 
Companion site to the print newspaper which covers Congressional news and information, also editorials, election news and commentary


Government (State) 
Illinois | Multistate Sites | States Homepages



Multistate Sites

States Homepages




ICPAS Library

Collection of accounting, auditing, tax and general business resources.
Use the online catalog to locate resources or contact the librarians for research assistance. Print resources can be checked out and sent to you.

Over 100 Magazine Subscriptions
Accounting and Auditing Standards and Implementation Guides
Accounting Textbooks
International Financial Reporting Standards
Most titles from Practitioners Publishing Company
Guides for practice management
Guides for providing specific services to your clients
Tax Services from BNA, CCH RIA (Federal and State Information)
Dealing with and representing your clients before the IRS
Choosing the appropriate form of business organization
Financial Ratios
Bankruptcy Series
Payroll Guides
Employee Benefits
Business Valuation
Nonprofit Organizations
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Career Resources
Best Practices (Accounting, AP, Billing, Collection, Expenses, etc.)





Tax Managment Portfolios

CCH Tax & Accounting

John Wiley  

A favorite of ICPAS Members

Free email newsletters



Foreign Language & Translation Services | Maps | Phonebooks | Ready Reference | Shipping & Mailiing | Writing Tools

Foreign Language and Translation Services

  • italki
    Find a partner and practice speaking a foreign language
  • Free Language
    Lessons, podcasts, courses, audio, video, study guides and  learning materials
  • Babel Fish
    Translate Web pages to and from many languages
  • PROZ
    Search for a translator by selecting the source and target languages. Further narrow the search by specialty area such as Business/Finance. Translators are fee-based
  • Translation Booth
    Connect to translators here. This is a fee-based service



Ready Reference

  • Acronyma
    Search engine for acronyms
  • Acronym Finder
  • Britannica
    Websites, magazines, books and the complete Encyclopedia Britannica 
  • Get HumanDirectory of customer service telephone numbers and tips for how to navigate the voicemail in order to speak to a person  
  • infoplease.com
    Almanacs, encyclopedia & dictionary
  • Library Spot
    Gateway to libraries online plus an extensive "Reference Desk" of almanacs, calculators, dictionaries, genealogy, maps and more 
  • Local Times Around the World
    Local time for all the world's countries and many islands
  • Online Conversion
    Length, temperature, volume, and much more
  • Pipl 
    People search on the web, search by first and last name, city, state, and country to obtain links to sites with information about individuals

Shipping and Mailing

Writing Tools

  • Citing Sources
    Examples of how to cite a specific source, including citations for electronic books, online magazines, and Web pages using the format of any one of four well-known style manuals: APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian
  • Elements of Style
  • Gramlee 
    On demand editing. Paste your text into the box on the website, type your email and click submit. You will have an edited version of your document within hours. Try it for free. Cost for subsequent use is based on total words submitted and is reasonably priced
  • Grammar Hotline Directory
    Phone numbers, email, addresses and web sites for Grammar Hotlines throughout the country
  • Judy Vorfeld's WebGrammar
    Help with spelling, grammar, homonyms, punctuation, capitalization, and style
  • Merriam-Webster Online
  • OneLook Dictionaries
  • Roget's Internet Thesaurus
  • The American Heritage® Book of English Usage
    Information on grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms,
  • Wordsmyth
    Dictionary and thesaurus 
  • Wordy 
    Professional copy-editors check your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure. Free instant quote.

Search Tools & Tips

All the Web
Web | News | Pictures | Video | Audio
Advanced Search Filters: Language, Word, Domain, File Format, Date

Web | Images | MP3/Audio | Video | News
Advanced Search Filters: Word, Date, File Format, Domain

Web | Images | City | News | Video
Advanced Search Filters: Word, Domain, Languge, Country, Date

Web Directory and Search Engine

Metasearch Engine
Web | News | Images | Wikipedia | Blogs | JobsAdvanced Search Filters: Domain, Language, File Type
Groups similar results together into clusters

Metasearche Engine
Web | Images | Audio | Video | News | Yellow Pages | White Pages
Advanced Search Filters: Word, Language, Domain

Images | Maps | News | Shopping
Advanced Search Filters: Word, Language, File Type, Domain
Alerts Search Help: BasicMore and Extras

Metasearch Engine
Web | Phone Directory | Video | Pictures
Advanced Search Filters: Word

Internet Public Library
An annotated collection of high quality Internet resources, selected by librarians for their usefulness in providing accurate, factual information on a particular topic or topics

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Directory of over 20,000 websites. Selected and organized by librarians

Live Search 
Web | Images | Video | News | Maps

Web | Image | Video | People | Business | News

Metasearch Engine
Web | Video | Jobs | Yellow Pages | White Pages
Advanced Search Filters: Word

Metaseach Engine
Web | Images | Audit | Videeo | News | Yellow Pages | White Pages
Advanced Search Filters: Word | Language | Domain

Open Directory Project 
Web directory of Internet resources arranged by subject and maintained by volunteer editors

Search Engine and Directory
Web | Images | Video | Reference* | Directory | Downloads**
*Online encyclopedia & dictionary
**Find and download PC and Mac software

Metasearch Engine
Web | Shopping | Images | Audio | Video | Yellow Pages | White Pages
Search Spy - Watch real-time web searches

Search Engine and Directory
Web | Images | Video | Local | Shopping



Tips for Searching the Internet

Searching the Internet can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. Many searchers make the mistake of thinking that everything is on the Internet. While the Internet has opened the door to a wealth of information not previously easily accessible, it is not the only source of information. Be open to looking at other resources or asking for help in locating the information you seek.

Choose the most important phrases and/or keywords for your search.

  • Avoid common words that may lead to numerous irrelevant results.
  • Try using different combinations of terms and keywords in the search.
  • Use synonyms and variant forms of words (e.g. doctor or physician; tax or taxes or taxation)

Look at the first 25-30 results only. If the information is not relevant,

  • Refine your search using the techniques listed above.
  • Try your search using several different search engines. Even the best search engines only index a portion of all the websites.

Search for sources (people, organizations, etc.) to call for more in-depth information.

Be aware that some of the best information is available only if you are willing to pay for it.

Critically evaluate the information you retrieve.

  • Who wrote it?
  • Is the source credible, such as a government agency, an educational institution, a well-known company?
  • Is the page current? Check the date, some sites have not been updated for years!

If you spend hours searching and you still come up empty. STOP!

Explore other options for finding the information you need. Ask the business reference librarian at your local public library or local university, or contact the Information & Research Center. These professionals will know the best sources for the information you need.


Federal | State | Canadian


Associations and Organizations

Forms & Filing

IRS Contacts

IRS Information

Tax Law and Pronouncements



Associations and Organizations

Departments of Revenue







  • Canadian Tax Foundation:
    independent tax research organization providing expert impartial tax research to the public and governments of Canada
  • Revenue Canada
    Publications, guides and forms
    • Forms Order Line 613.957.8088
    • Tax Payer Help 800.267.5177


Technology Tools

Secure way to access your PC from any Web browser in real time.

LogMeIn Pro
Access and control your PC from anywhere.

Meeting Wizard 
Arrange and schedule meetings and other events.    

Gain a consensus on a meeting date, place to meet or any other multiple choice question. 

When is Good 
Find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event.

Conduct conference calls with as many as nine people and it also includes a browser plug-in that turns phone numbers on web pages into links that Skype can automatically dial. Compatible with Windows 2000 and XP

Live video conferencing, desk top share, audio, IM chat and notetaking in a dedicated team environment.


Create a free DropCard account and the next time you need to exchange contact information with someone, simply send a DropCard text message that includes that person's email address. DropCard will send that person all of your contact information -- name, phone, e-mail, social networks, Web sites, chat / IM data, etc. No business card needed.

Electronic business cards. DUB sends your contact information from any mobile phone directly to the address book of your recipient's mobile phone.

Pandora Recovery 
Free tool that provides a way to attempt recovery of permanently deleted files. Pandora Recovery actually recovers files permanently removed from Recycle Bin, files originally deleted using Shift + Delete keys bypassing Recycle Bin and files deleted from DOS prompt.

My Phone Finder 
Compare devices that have the features you need in the price range you want, shows all of your options and links to sites where you can buy the phone you choose

Keep your accounts in sync on all social networks, job boards and other sites




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