January 5, 2023

SUMMARY:  This Regulatory Update provides updated information to our earlier message regarding the Illinois Department of Revenue and delivery to IDOR’s address. This update supersedes our message from this morning.

UPDATE: Discussions with the United States Post Office have confirmed that items deposited in the mail are being handled and delivered using the following IDOR address:  Illinois Department of Revenue, Springfield, Illinois 62736-0001.

ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND:  It has been determined that the initial refusal of the Post Office to deliver to the above cited address was in limited instances to those who attempted to mail an item at a post office window with a tracking number (e.g., certified mail) because the Post Office computer system (in these specific instances) does not recognize the address.  (NOTE:  We recognize that there may be some additional instances of USPS refusal, and those issues are being worked by IDOR with USPS).

Practitioners are advised not to include the street address with the address and zip code cited above. The zip code 62736-0001 is a unique identifier.

Please be mindful that this issue is still being worked by IDOR with USPS.  We have received a number of queries asking about items already deposited in the mail using the above cited address. Those items will be delivered.

• Refusal by USPS to accept items addressed to Illinois Department of Revenue, Springfield Illinois 62736-0001 is limited in scope and is being worked with USPS.
• IDOR is acutely sensitive to these circumstances and is working internally and with USPS to resolve.
This updated Regulatory Alert supersedes the initial Regulatory Alert sent by ICPAS at 9:30 a.m., January 5, 2023.
• Practitioners should continue using the following address:
                       Illinois Department of Revenue
                       Springfield, Illinois  62736-0001
• IDOR anticipates posting information on its website addressing this issue.