March 21, 2023

Governor Signs Senate Bill 208--Public Act 102-1143

Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 208 into law granting paid leave to Illinois workers. Senate 
Bill 208 was passed by the 102nd General Assembly during the Lame Duck Legislative Session in 
January, 2023. This update is being provided for informational purposes regarding potential impact 
on your firm and your clients.

High points of the Act include:
•  40 hours of paid leave per year.
•  Workers accrue one hour of paid leave for 40 hours worked-not to exceed 40 hours per year.
•  Workers may take paid time off for any reasons such as sick leave, childcare, mental health, 
vacation, medical appointments, etc.
•  The legislation is effective January 1, 2024.
There are many nuances to the Act. See the Illinois Chamber's detailed fact sheet which begins on the second page of the Paid Leave for Workers Act posting on our Government Relations page.

ICPAS Government Relations is working with the Illinois Department of Labor for more authoritative 
guidance on the implementation of the Act. We will continue to provide updated information as it 
becomes available.