Change isn’t coming – IT’S HERE!

And it’s impacting every aspect of what you do and how you do it. With change comes uncertainty. Dealing with issues like AI, staffing challenges, changes in client needs, and firm succession planning, you may be asking yourself:
     What do we do?
     Where do we go next?

Strategic Planning Services

Imagining the Future-Ready Firm

If you want to be a firm of the future, you must be IN the future.
The most successful firms are the ones that plan, evolve, and prepare for
what lies ahead. But to do that, firm leaders need to be on the same page
with their vision and strategy.

That’s where we can help.

Chart Your Strategic Roadmap

Start planning now, together as a firm. Discover how you can compete in the future to serve your clients and be a place where people want to work.

Our Process

Illinois CPA Society’s interactive planning sessions will help your leadership team reflect on the past, think strategically about the future, and prioritize realistic actionable steps to move forward together.
Spend the day sharing diverse viewpoints, asking tough questions, challenging assumptions, identifying
points of insight, and building consensus – all with the focus of becoming future ready.


Walk away with a tailored roadmap to the future that is:
Strategic | Actionable | Achievable


Your personalized day will be led by trained Illinois CPA Society facilitators.

Kristin McGill, MBA, CAE, Vice President, Member Experience and Engagement
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