2018 is a license renewal year for Illinois CPAs, CPA firms, and professional service corporations. 
The license renewal notification process has significantly changed. 

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CPAs who are licensed in Illinois are required to have 120 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credit during each three-year reporting cycle. Four of the 120 hours must be in ethics education. The Frequently Asked Questions page explains what constitutes professional ethics education. Licensees shall maintain their CPE records for not less than six years.

CPE Waiver

You may be granted a waiver of the CPE Requirement under certain circumstances. How-to-request-a-waiver-of-the-CPE-requirement-for-licensing

First Renewal Period

CPAs are exempt from CPE requirements for their first license renewal. This first renewal period of being free from CPE requirements runs from the time a license is issued until the next IDFPR 3-year cycle renewal. The period can range anywhere from 3 years down to several months, depending on when in the IDFPR cycle the license is issued. Renewal and payment of the licensing fee must be made, but no CPE is required to be submitted.

Subsequent Renewal Periods

Subsequent renewal periods requires the licensed CPA to have the full 120 hours of CPE credit. 

CPE Reciprocity

CPE reciprocity exempts CPAs who hold multiple state licenses from having to meet the individual CPE requirements of each state so long as the licensee meets the CPE requirements of their home state. This exemption encourages uniformity while removing unnecessary burdens that do not play a role in protecting the public interest. 

More Information

For more information on CPE requirements including hours, restrictions, verifiable versus non-verifiable activities, approved sponsors, visit the CPE Requirements page.